Jewelry Care

General Jewelry Care

This jewelry was created with the utmost care and love. Follow these simple steps to keep your jewelry looking its best year after year:

  • Use a Sunshine polishing cloth regularly to effectively clean your jewelry.
  • Always store jewelry separately; on a tube, in a box or in a sealed bag (precious jewelry only).
  • Always remove jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners.
  • Apply beauty products such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant before wearing jewelry as certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish.

Jewelry Care for Specific Materials

Stainless Steel:

This metal is very hard and perfect for jewelry. It is the nature of the metal to have fine scratches and is part of the charm as your jewelry ages. It will not tarnish which makes care of the jewelry easy.

Sterling Silver:

This is a soft metal and requires special care. It will tarnish and when exposed to heat and humidity, as well as your natural perspiration, this can increase the process. The tarnish can be removed by rubbing the piece with a jewelry polishing cloth made especially for silver. We recommend the Sunshine Polishing Cloth. You should not wear your jewelry 24/7.

Swarovski Crystals:

To keep your crystals clean you can use mild dishwashing soap, warm water and a soft cloth. These stones are very hard and can scratch metals over time.

NOTICE: Our jewelry is NOT intended for children under the age of 12. This jewelry contains small parts including beads, Swarovski Crystals, and could pose a choking hazard for children. Please supervise your child at all times. Use good judgement and common sense by not allowing an infant, toddler, or small child to handle or play with it.

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